Losing a loved one is generally a painful and difficult experience.

People often call us shortly after their loved one has passed wondering how quickly they need to begin working to administer their loved one’s estate. Clients want to know what they should be doing and how quickly they need to do it. The answer is not the same for every case because there can be circumstances that require serious urgency. In most cases, though, the first thing people need to do is take some time to mourn their loss with family, friends, and close advisors. Most people don’t need to deal with lawyers within days of losing their loved one–the estate can wait.

We can guide you through the estate process after you get your feet back under you. When that time comes, one of the most important issues becomes whether your loved one ever executed a last will and testament. If so, we will guide you through a process called the probate process to validate the will and ensure it is followed. If not, we will likely guide you through a process called estate administration. Our next posts will offer more information about those processes.

Aaron Mullen